Akhisar (Thyatira)


Thyatira, modern Akhisar or Akisar, is located 42 miles (67 km) inland from the Aegean Sea in Turkey.


What to See


Near the center of Akhisar, the archaeological remains of Thyatira are located in a fenced off rectangular city block.

Among the ruins is a public building (basilica) dating from the 5th or 6th century AD. In places it is preserved to a height of 16 feet. There are also columns and arches from an ancient portico dating from about the 4th century AD.

Several Greek inscriptions lie among the ruins of ancient Thyatira, and many more have been taken to the museum in Manisa (which is usually closed). Many coins have been found at the site, from which it is evident that guilds of bakers, bronze smiths, wool workers, potters, linen weavers and tanners were active in the city. Such guilds would often hold banquets which included the eating of food offered to idols and participation in immoral sexual acts (cf. Rev. 2:20–24). [More Info]